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We’re so glad that you want to be a part of this online community. But first, let’s make sure your blog is a good fit for this site.

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This site is not intended to be a perfect fit for anyone and everyone — it has a specific focus. Here is what you need to know before submitting your blog:


1) We are looking for moms who are living and ministering with their families in a cross-cultural environment. This is not meant to define the word “missionary” or to exclude those who work as missionaries by any other definition, it is merely to help narrow down the field in order to reach out to the very specific group that this online community is intended to reach.


2) This site is specifically for Protestant Christians. This means, for example, that we are not looking for Roman Catholic blogs or LDS (Mormon) blogs. Before we add a link to your blog on our site we do ask to first see a doctrinal statement of what you believe. Please understand that this is not meant to discriminate anyone, it is simply to help bring together a specific community of like-minded mothers who will be able to relate to one another in an environment where they do not need to worry so much about theological disputes or controversies.


3) We want blogs that are family-friendly. We recognize that there may be times in which bloggers may need to speak on the harsh realities of the world, so we do not expect that every post would be a good “read aloud” to your children, but as a general rule we are looking for content that is clean and appropriate for audiences of all ages.


4) We reserve the right accept or reject applications as well as to add or remove any blogs from the list at any time. Please do not take it personally if your blog does not make it on the list or if at some point it is removed from the list without any notice. There are thousands of blogging missionaries in the world today and we just cannot list them all on this one site.


5) We are looking for committed bloggers. We certainly understand that “life happens” at times which can hinder your ability to blog consistently, and we certainly try to take that into consideration and give a lot of grace to our blogging moms. However, we also know that is can be very disappointing or even frustrating for someone to be a part of a community where the majority of the members are passive about communicating or their blogs have not had any new posts in several months or years. Because we are aiming at having a support group and active online community here we will be reviewing the different blogs features on this site and may choose to remove ones that appear to be inactive.


Please note that if your blog is removed from our list because of its inactive status you are more than welcome to resubmit the blog again (using the form below) at whatever time you are able to resume blogging again.  


6) At this time we are only accepting blogs written in English. This may change in the future if there proves to be a demand for that, but for now we are sticking to this one language.

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Submit Your Missionary Moms Blog

If, after reading the above guidelines, you feel that your blog is a good fit for this website, then you can go ahead and submit your blog by using the form below.

Note about the form: If you are in a creative access country you do not need to tell us which country you are serving in, but please at the very least let us know which continent or general area.