Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Kelsey Weber. I was born and raised by missionary parents, worked for a while as a single missionary, and then married a missionary — so being a missionary has pretty much been my life!


Our family is currently working in West/Central Africa doing work in Holistic Community Development . . . which basically means that we scout out the needs of a given community (both the physical and spiritual needs) and seek not only to meet those needs but also to train nationals to do the same.


If you want to know more about me and our family I would encourage you to check out our family blog (African Pioneer) or any of our following websites:

>> Vision4Cameroon (our mission website)

>> My All for Jesus (my personal website)

>> Missionary Resources (a site we created that serves as a database of resources for missionaries)


You may have guessed from above that I like to design websites. I get especially excited about putting together websites that can be helpful resource for people.


Being a missionary mom, myself, I have been looking for quite some time now for an online community where I could connect with other missionary moms around the world.


I was especially intrigued by the sites For Missionary Moms and Missionary Mom’s Companion, but I was a bit discouraged that the first site was very out of date (most of the links are bad and many of the blogs listed are very old), and both of these sites have “closed their doors” and no longer accept new bloggers.


This was a disappointment for me and I could only imagine how many other missionary moms were equally disappointed. So that is where I came up with the idea to start up my own online community.


If you’re interested in joining the community you can browse through the list of Missionary Mom Blogs, you could Join our Facebook Group, or you can submit your own blog and allow us to get to know you as well.


Thanks for stopping by!

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